While a translator has to know the intricacies of a language…

… a transcreation professional has to know, not only the intricacies of the language, but also the socio-cultural context of the place where we want to launch our products and services. Transcreation preserves the original intention, context, emotion and tone. Its aim is to convey the message in a thoughtful and seamless way, without the target audience being aware that a translation has ever taken place. Always paying special attention to the end user, transcreation must provide the audience with an emotional experience identical to that of the original message and it must resonate with the audience from a cultural point of view.

With regard to the process, while translation usually begins with a source text, the transcreation process often begins with a creative brief. The expert who will carry out the transcreation must have the skills and knowledge to not only know the cultural nuances of both languages, but also understand the “spirit” in which the original message was created. Furthermore, throughout the process the transcreation expert often takes creative liberties and makes significant changes to the translation in order to maintain its original meaning. Therefore, transcreation requires people who are not just translators but also creative.

Given the different traditions, values, priorities, etc. in different societies, the transcreation professional has to have FULL knowledge of the target culture. They have to keep abreast of cultural and socio-political issues in the target market. They must have adequate training in both literary translation and creative writing. They must not only be bilingual, but also born and raised in the area related to the target audience. They must be able to write creatively and have skills in advertising, marketing and copywriting. And last but not least, they must know the advertising regulations that affect the target market.

Why is it more expensive than translation?

Because it’s not just translation; it’s a combination of translation and content creation to target a specific country or culture. Because you require translation and copywriting. Because it is a more creative process than a marketing translation. And above all, and most importantly, because transcreation helps your client SELL, as transcreation professionals create texts specifically designed for the brand, the product and the target audience. www.norak.com