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Simple and specialised translations

However straightforward a translation might seem, it takes much more than just finding the equivalent words. It involves creating a bridge between two languages where the translator considers all the nuances and aspects that can influence the message. This ensures the translation stays true to the overall message it is intended to convey.

In the case of specialised translations such as technical translation, there is an dded requirement for experience in the sector, extensive knowledge of business processes, and mastery of the terminology of the field in question.
In addition, Norak places efficient software and content processing tools at your disposal, which are crucial for some specialised types of translation, in order to guarantee consistency, and terminological accuracy, as well as to speed up the process and reduce costs.


People often confuse sworn translation with legal translation. Although some translations can be both, sworn translation encompasses more subjects and fields than legal translation alone.

Basically, the linguist producing a sworn translation is certified by an official body. The translator, or a competent authority, signs and stamps the translated material to certify that the version in the target language is a true and faithful version of the attached original.

Many types of documents require sworn translations, such as:

  • Contracts, deeds of sale, powers of attorney
  • Legal documents and texts
  • Validations of diplomas and other academic records
  • Certificates of marital status

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