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Editing, cultural and linguistic consulting

At NORAK we are more than a team of translation and localisation professionals. We also have a network of expert linguists ready to provide solutions to a wide range of needs:

Text adaptation
Languages are living things, and so the purposes for which a specific text is needed can change. We’re here to help modify and adapt the style or function of your content.

Linguistic consultancy
We can analyse your text to ensure that language is used correctly in the different contexts where it is applied. We can resolve specific linguistic issues involving spelling, morphological, lexical and syntactic aspects, use and style, in both spoken and written material.

Expert reports
We can perform in-depth studies of linguistic issues arising in the legal field. An expert will issue a linguistic report and vouch for its content.

Reviews of style and typographical syntax
Just as we carefully revise the translations we perform, we also offer this as a standalone service, regardless of whether or not the text is a translation. We can revise the style and typographical syntax of any text in any language.

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