Reunion at the Chamber Of Commerce in Timisoara

Timisoara’s Chamber of Commerce describes itself as an autonomous organization helping its 725 members by promoting their interests and leading them to successfully compeed in today’s economy.

Founded in 1850, the Chamber of Commerce worked from various locations throughout the city, for example Lloyd’S Palace. Construction began in 1930, the palace becoming the new headquaters of the Chamber with shops downstairs and offices on the first floor.

Today, meetings and events celebrated there mainly serve the purpose of networking, for example during their various seminars, workshops, fairs and presentations of companies. Organizing these events is one of the services provided by the Chamber of Commerce.

By attending the meeting held on the 23rd of October, Norak Romania presented itself as a future partner. At this international business fair, various local authoirities were present as well, such as the county council vice president, the mayor of Timișoara, the Russian embassy economic director, the executive director of the Chamber of Commerce of Timișoara and many more. Over 30 foreign  companies expressed their direct interest in Romania and 24 others in their diplomatic missions by attending the fair.

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