GALA (Globalization and Localization Association) is one of the most significant associations in our sector.

Norak Group, an international purveyor of translation services, has become a member of the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA). This association develops linguistic resources, provides skill-learning and opportunities for growth and cooperation. This is of great value to us, as it furnishes us with a platform for the exchange of information, comparative assessment, professional development and networking, keeping us on track with language trends and technologies to build together solutions, skills and improvements.

As a member of the GALA team, we will obtain resources and will be able to set up contact networks, new opportunities, discounts and much more. The benefits of becoming a member will therefore extend to all our clients, as a part of the largest association in the translation and localisation sector.

Norak Group is pleased to have become a member of this great association, as it enables us both to grow professionally and to increase our network of contacts, by participating in both in-person and online workshops, having access to huge amounts of information via the portal, and the possibility of attending regional events of the greatest interest in order to promote current issues of importance in this sector.

Norak Group is always among the best, providing a service of exceptional quality for our clients.

For further information:
Laura Díaz Cañadas
Press Officer
+34 91 519 92 65  +34 662 116 896