Joint venture between the language service providers Noraktrad and Dos Mundos

Joint venture between the language service providers Noraktrad and Dos Mundos

The two international language service providers Noraktrad and dos mundos are expanding together in Italy. The two managing directors Dr. Stephan Oeller (Noraktrad) and Thomas Döring (dos mundos) have now signed a corresponding framework agreement. The joint venture has been active since 1st July 2019.

Win-win situation: With the new partnership, Noraktrad, based in Madrid, has its first foothold in Italy, dos mundos in turn benefits from the know-how of its Spanish partner. Both companies have been active as language service providers for decades and specialize in specialist translations. “Our services complement each other perfectly. We see great potential in the Italian market,” says Dr. Stephan Oeller. “We are delighted to have found in Noraktrad an experienced and competent partner with international growth plans,” adds Thomas Döring.

The contact between the new partners was established by Gavin Bryson, Managing Director of GB-School – Language Consulting in Syke, North Germany, who has been cooperating with both parties for many years.

In the first step, Noraktrad and dos mundos present themselves with a joint brand identity developed by the German Noraktrad partner mediamixx from Kleve.

The Partners

Noraktrad operates worldwide as a translation service provider. More than 4,000 translators translate over six million words every month in around 160 languages. This makes Noraktrad one of the ten leading European service providers in this sector. The company specializes in technical documentation, scientific texts, legal documents and patents.

Dos mundos has been on the market as a language service provider for 30 years. The company offers both translation and interpreting services. Dos mundos has locations in Bremen and Padua.

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