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With over 25 years’ international experience as a language services provider, Norak is the perfect partner to spread your company’s message around the world. We offer an expert response to the demands of a constantly evolving global market. Most importantly, in a multicultural world, communication is an essential tool to develop and broaden our horizons. That’s why, the right choice of translation services and localisation services is key to promoting a company’s image, products, and services internationally.

We are not a generalist – we are a translation specialist

Where others hesitate, Norak forges ahead. In other words, in the most demanding fields, Norak sets itself apart. We are committed to translating your projects to the standards you expect, with quality as a priority, and keeping up with the pace of your business. We serve major organisations and institutions, large enterprises and multinational companies across a wide variety of sectors, supporting their translation, localisation, transcreation, interpretation and language consultancy activities. Above all, we aim to contribute to society in general by promoting communication between companies and people. In short, Norak’s fundamental principles are at the disposal of all our clients: quality, experience, expertise and language technology.


In conclusion, here are some key facts and figures about our translation services and the company:

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News & Articles
Translation, Language & more

Discover the world of translation and what drives us every day to deliver the perfect translation. So, in our blog you will find the latest news and articles about the company and our partners. Moreover, as a professional translation company we are delivering very precised specialised translations. Therefore you will find specific articles for every specialization. In conclusion, you will read a lot about our work in our blog – It’s all about translations!

The importance of transcreation in marketing

November 19th, 2020|

Well said! The importance of transcreation in marketing When it comes to transforming marketing materials into different languages, translation becomes a combination of art and science. As well as the images chosen, the power of words is crucial to creating high-impact, awesome advertisements. This work requires more than translation skills. [...]

Norak Group signs collaboration agreement

November 10th, 2020|

Norak Group signs collaboration agreement with Centro San Camilo to subsidize studies and training Noraktrad S.L. and the San Camilo Camilos Center-Center for Health Humanization, have signed a collaboration agreement through which Norak will subsidize part of the Foundation's postgraduate scholarships. The San Camilo Center has a residence [...]

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