What is a certified translation?

People often use the terms ‘legal translation’ and ‘certified translations’ interchangeably, but the truth is that these two terms are different and have distinguishable characteristics.

First of all, a legal translation is one containing terminology from the legal field. Documents subject to this kind of translations are a power of attorney, sentences, summons, textbooks on Law, etc. In a nutshell, a legal translation is any text in which a good amount of legal terminology is used.

Unlike the former, a certified translation is recognized for its official nature. Any translator can do a legal translation, but only certified translators can issue certified translations. In order to carry out a certified translation, the translator must be a qualified certified translator. In Spain, they can get this qualification through the government after passing some exams. Certified translations carry the official seal of the translator.

Accordingly, although a certified translation can also be legal, many more types of translations can be certified.

Norak offers a wide variety of certified/sworn translation services because we have a strong network of certified translators in many countries around the world.