Turn it off or leave it on?

 We all want to save energy and get the best performance from our electronics, but nobody tells us how to do it. For example, should you turn off your computer at night?Some people believe that shutting down and starting up again wears out components, but at the same...

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Do not disturb

Mental load, also known as emotional labour, is an invisible burden that many women carry without realising it. It is a major complaint of the women’s movement. However hard we work, as soon as we finish we slip into the role of managers, making sure that life runs...

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Norak Group invests in communications agency

International communications to be pooled. The Norak Group has a new member: the international translation services provider Noraktrad, based in Madrid, has acquired a stake in the German communications agency mediamixx, based in Kleve (Lower Rhine region). “We want...

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